All Natural BBQ Rubs, Spices & Marinades

The idea behind GottaRubIt is to make cooking easy and fun.
Our products are meant for busy professionals who don’t want to spend too much time preparing dinner after a long day at work, or for college kids who want a good meal but can’t afford the expensive cuts of meat, or anyone who truly wants a flavorful meal.

GottaRubIt products are all natural. You won’t find any MSG or any kind of fillers. There’s no secret sauce or any hidden ingredients. What you’ll find and taste is high quality spices blended together to give you that bold flavor that most people enjoy.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

I purchased this rub for my steaks and chicken and I gotta tell you, IT’S AMAZING!! For someone like me that doesn’t cook, this rub makes me look like an Iron Chef. It’s so simple to use. Just like the name, all you have to do is rub your meat with this stuff, grill it, and eat. The flavors in this rub is like something you get from an expensive steak house restaurant. Very easy, very flavorful, and full of mouth watering tastes! I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys great tasting meats.  – Joe in Seattle

I was in the restaurant business for 20+ years. I’ve been making my own spice mixes and rubs, so I am rather particular about flavors and ingredients. When I tried the beef rub for the first time, I absolutely loved the balance of flavors, along with the hint of heat that came at the end. This is great rub that I will definitely use over and over. I also used the poultry rub on a baked turkey last week. I mixed it with oil to make a “paste” that I rubbed over the skin. The flavor was off the charts! – Greg in Denver

Wow! I love this rub! We first tried it on grilled pork chops. We liked it so much we tried it the following day on a turkey in the oven. I think we found our new Thanksgiving recipe and it’s going to wow our guests. – Bridgette in Westminster

Once you taste our rubs and marinades you’ll know why meat is our specialty at GOTTARUBIT.COM.