About Us

Family, Fun and Bold Flavors!

We are a local family-owned business with a passion for food and we are obsessed with big bold flavors.

The idea behind GottaRubIt is to make cooking easy and fun. Our products are meant for busy professionals who don’t want to spend too much time preparing dinner after a long day at work, or for college kids who want a good meal but can’t afford the expensive cuts of meat, or anyone who truly wants a flavorful meal.

Our Mission of Helping

In addition to having some good family fun while grilling and eating delicious meat, we also have a goal of helping others in need. We proudly donate profits to helping the homeless youth throughout Colorado and the world. Buying some delicious rubs and marinades from us means you are a part of our “helping others” mission. We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts.

Be sure to look out for the GottaRubIt trailer this summer! We love attending local events, grilling some meat and saying hello to the the community.